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Our Vision

The cost of renewable energy has dropped dramatically but the penetration of renewables as a source of energy on the “grid” is stymied by the lack of storage. This limits the availability of that solar or wind generated energy when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. We do have battery technology such as Lithium Ion but it’s too expensive for all sizes of storage, from residential to utility scale.


Currently the technologies we have are all too expensive or have other limitations. For example::

  • Li-ion is $50-$150/Kwh - too expensive

  • Pumped Hydro is $50-$80/Kwh and is geographically limited

  • Pumped Heat storage is $35-50/Kwh and is too slow


For over a decade, Skibo Energy has been studying and modeling the development and financing of renewable energy solutions. Our founder, Paul Klemencic, was ahead of his time and recognized the key factors necessary for the shift to green energy while working in the oil and gas industry almost two decades ago. It is now the moment to implement his vision for a customers-first approach that considers every person on earth as a customer of energy generation and transportation systems. Skibo Energy strives to be a fully engaged participant in the greater movement and a committed partner in creating the solutions. 

Our Values

We are facing an inevitable and imminent shift towards replacing fossil fuel usage with 100% renewable and low carbon energy sources. This switch is necessary to ensure a better, more sustainable future for life on our planet. Skibo Energy is dedicated to creating solutions that overcome the challenges of quickly implementing this rapid substitution, while we can still mitigate climate change and avoid more disastrous events.

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