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Our Technology

Decarbonizing Power and Industrial Processes


Our Thermal Energy Storage (TES) will provide Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) using low-cost, solid media materials. Our technology is designed for storing heat, both from the sun, which is clean energy and from industrial waste heat, which is currently being wasted but could be captured to provide significant energy. The TES is also designed to store cold. The energy will be stored for hours and days at multiple temperature ranges. 

Because our TES stores heat and cold in multiple temperature ranges, it keeps the thermal energy at useful temperatures which can be integrated at multiple points in creating power or delivering heat and cold to residential and industrial processes.  Our TES technology is designed for both large and small operations, focusing on utility and industrial scale solutions. Increased size means more efficiency and longer storage times. 

The thermal source for the TES can be anything from the heat of sun, waste heat, or electrically generated heat or cold. Normally, this thermal energy is to be used immediately (green arrow with clock). Utilizing our TES, the thermal energy can be stored for later use, making it much more valuable because it can be used when it is most needed. This long-term storage brings resiliency to deal with fluctuations caused by loss of service due to gird failures such as those caused by weather events. 


Systems Architecture - TES solves Heat Storage (2).jpg
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