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Resilient, Reliable and Safe
Clean Energy Storage

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The ability to store energy for hours and days from intermittent sources like wind and solar is the key to our transition to renewable energy in this decade. Solving the storage piece will provide cost-efficient and accessible electricity for all - from a single household to utility scale electric grids.

Skibo Energy engineers are working on such a solution - a low-cost, high efficiency technology (thermal energy storage, or TES) that will allow clean, safe, renewable sources of energy to replace fossil fuels. Our goal is to enable the provision of low cost, non-polluting, and reliable electricity generation using inexpensive, ubiquitous materials including brick, concrete, insulation and carbon steel. Our technology is modular and scalable with manufacturing flexibility designed for efficient construction and limited on-site effort. 

Features and Benefits​

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Join us as we secure our future with Always-On, Reliable and Affordable Clean Energy.

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