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Skibo Energy works on thermal storage solutions, invests in clean/green technology and envisions a transformation of the energy sector that replaces fossil fuels with safe, renewable power generation. We support a customers first approach - where everyone in the world has access to low cost, non-polluting, and reliable electricity generation. For over a decade, the founders of Skibo Energy have used their expertise in systems development and energy market dynamics to model this alternative world view. With this knowledge, Skibo Energy brings both financial and engineering expertise to create solutions for a more resilient future.


Join us as we secure our future with Green Power.

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Skibo Energy’s effective investment model is based on full confidence in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This shift requires the rapid substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy solutions, resulting in a healthier planet that is tied to our financial growth.

To date, the success of our investment strategy has enabled our company to expand without the need for outside capital.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Thermal Energy Storage

The rapid substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy solutions is key to an energy sector that can stop, and begin to reverse, the impacts of climate change. Skibo Energy is designing a low-cost Thermal Energy Storage (TES) product using common solid materials that will address the challenges of this transition.


The ability to store heat for hours and days is a critical piece of the renewable energy puzzle, providing cost-efficient and scalable storage systems for thermal energy at a utility scale.